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In early March 2020 the jazz musician’s way of relating to the world changed. We were so accustomed to performing for audiences, uplifting them with our music, enjoying the company of other like-minded musicians while sharing the bandstand with them. Our art is all about community and that community very sadly and very suddenly was drastically altered. Not being able to get together and play not only impacted our incomes but also forced us to find new ways to interact and make our art for people. These videos reflect some of the ways that I have tried to fill the creative void that social distancing has left in its wake. 

This is a project put together by myself (piano) and the great Leslie Beukelman (voice). I wrote this arrangement of the classic jazz standard Moonlight in Vermont and asked Leslie to sing and she happily agreed. This was done using QuickTime, Garage Band, and iMovie in the era of social distancing.

Steve Million (piano) Eric Jacobson (Trumpet)

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