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Since 2003 Steve has taught at Merit School of Music located in the west loop downtown Chicago. He coaches the Honors Jazz Combo. This combo plays all around the city for various events, fundraisers, and concerts and the students even get paid! Steve also teaches a unique jazz piano class set up basically for three to four pianists. All pianists in this class are required to learn bass lines, chords with good voice leading, and melodies in octaves to standard jazz repertoire. At Merit this past year Steve has returned to teaching Jazz Improv. This is a constantly evolving study of what goes into becoming a competent soloist in jazz.

Steve teaches jazz piano privately at his home in the Tri-Taylor neighborhood, 10 minutes from Downtown Chicago, where he has mentored many students to piano playing maturity through the years. Steve also teaches lessons online.  



These two students are 6 year old twins who are practicing my method to learn chords. My belief is that recitation while playing is the best way to truly learn chords and internalize them. These two very young students are shining examples of this practice. 


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